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If you are looking for precision metal cutting without the use of high temperatures, turn to the waterjet specialists at Mac Industrial Exhaust Shop Inc. Using a high-pressure jet of water (or a mix of water and an abrasive substance) we are capable of cutting a variety of materials. Pure, water-only cutting is typically used for softer materials like wood or rubber. Abrasives are commonly used to cut harder materials such as metal or granite.

Custom-Cut Logos, Steel Flanges, Gaskets & Much More

From aerospace applications to mining, waterjet cutting is used in a wide range of industries. Through the use of this innovative method, Mac Industrial Exhaust Shop is a great source for custom-cut logos, brackets, steel flanges, gaskets and much more. We offer competitive pricing and package deals for cutting multiple pieces. This allows you to pay for a certain amount of run time and lets you avoid initial set-up costs.

Mac Industrial Exhaust Shop can supply material or cut material provided to us. Please send us a drawing, .DXF or .ORD file and we would be more than honored to send you a quote. Contact us for more details at 604-888-0575.


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